Double Disk Grinder with Vertical Spindle
DDV350 / DDV600

  • Compact
  • Flexible Change-over
  • Auto-load
  • Accuracy under 5 micron


  • Current process included lapping to achieve desired finish
  • Time Consuming as input condition flatness was 15 to 20 microns
  • Unable to meet market demand
  • Limited space

Alex Proposal:

  • Add ALEX DDV350 before lapping
  • High material removal rates of 0.3 mm per pass
  • High Production – 30 pcs / min
  • High Accuracy of under 5 microns in size, flatness, parallelism
  • Precise input condition to lapping reduced lapping time by morethan 50%


Surface Grinder Application


  • Business Growth for Customer
  • Increased lapping capacity without additional investment
  • Compact size, affordable package, handling automation and high ROI is a great value to the Customer