Rotary Surface Grinding with Single Pass Rotary

Rotary Surface Grinder with Single Pass Rotary

Series: RA

This series features our Rotary Table Vertical Spindle Grinder with a specialized magnetic bed that enables single-pass continuous grinding. These machines are most suitable for grinding flat surfaces to constant thickness continuously without stopping the machine for load and unloading. The specially designed magnet ensures that the magnet is energized only when the component is below the grinding wheel.

These machines are particularly suitable for mass-scale precision grinding of small components like Washers, Circlips, Spacers, Bearing caps Gears, E-Cores, etc.

Post Process automatic electronic gauging can be provided as optional. It gives a measurement of work after grinding and visual indications of size. Since the job is directly probed, wheel wear is directly compensated.

CNC controls for Vertical axis with servo drives via precision ball screw are also available as optional equipment.


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