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Alex Rotary Surface Grinders with Vertical Spindle

Superior performance and the benefits of a new machine at a better price

  • Remove large amounts of material at speed while maintaining high accuracies and very fine surface finish
  • Brand new machines
  • 20" - 60" Magnetic Chuck
  • 7.5 - 70 HP Spindle Motor
  • CNC, PLC and Standard Controls
  • 50+ years of proven industry success
  • Customers include: Honda, Fiat, Schaeffler, Timken, Cummins, Yanmar
  • Machine Specifications Below

Customization and advanced features (robotic loading, single pass, multiple grinding wheels, etc.) available

R-30 CNC

Horizontal Spindle Rotary Grinder

USA: (832) 331-9955


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Standard R-40

India: 98201-25248

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Alex RV Series Technical Specs

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